The first smart toilet seat

The first smart toilet seat

Sitting down for 10 seconds = Your health in focus

Floxxo measures many important bodily functions and thus enables comprehensive health care for you and your family. All by the way. At your home. Without effort. Every day.

Cutting edge tech

Innovative high-end top sensors provide the data.

The basic version measures heart rhythm (ECG), radiation exposure, pulse, body weight, body temperature and fat and water content.

Upgrades expand the range to include readings of blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen saturation and much more.


ECG Sensors

They measure heart activity. The special ECG leads can detect various sinus rhythms and cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation, extrasystoles, and much more. The data is analysed with artificial intelligence (AI) and enables the timely detection of important frequency disturbances.

Blood Pressure Sensors

The sensors measure blood pressure through light-controlled pulse wave analysis.

Blood Oxygen Sensors

Several frequency derivations precisely measure the oxygen saturation in the blood and provide information about an incipient undersupply.

Radioactivity Sensors

The sensors precisely measure the low-frequency radioactive (natural) radiation from various sources. A spontaneous increase above a reference value indicates contamination in the environment, for example from contaminated food.

Capacitive Sensors

They determine and calculate the proportion of body fat, water content and muscle mass in the total weight using multi-frequency bioimpedance analysis.

Fine dust and heavy metal sensors

These sensors measure fine dust particles and heavy metal pollution in the living area.

Sweat Sensors

Measuring blood lactate and glucose levels can provide valuable information about overload (acidification of the muscles) and post-meal sugar tissue utilization. This is particularly important for diabetics and for recognizing a diabetic metabolic condition.

Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors measure body temperature both digitally and analogue.

Vibration Sensors

Vibration sensors detect the smallest seismographic movements.


It shows the operating status. A note appears if there is a recognisable health risk. If the radiation exposure version is activated, the current measurement result is displayed.


The FLOXXO Ring is your wellness companion and supports you daily with round-the-clock health monitoring.

It provides valuable insights into your sleep, activity, and stress patterns, paving the way for proactive, ongoing health management around the clock. We support you in finding your way to a healthier person.

The data from the FLOXXO ring can be combined with the data from the FLOXXO. This means that long-term values can also be included.

Equipped with an advanced blood glucose monitor, the smart ring health tracker offers users the ability to conveniently monitor their glucose levels without the need for traditional methods. The wearable device is used to monitor and improve your health.

Mathematical glucose monitoring

Non-invasive monitoring of glucose levels for diabetes management and health awareness.

Advanced sleep analysis

Detailed sleep pattern analysis to improve quality of rest and overall health.

Cross-platform connectivity

Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with Android and iOS devices for easy data access and notification management.

Comprehensive fitness tracking

Accurate step counting, heart rate monitoring and vital sign tracking for fitness enthusiasts.

Elegant aesthetic design

An elegant design suitable for professional and private use, combining health technology with fashion.

Reliable quality assurance

Ensuring each ring meets strict quality standards for reliable performance.

Long battery life with automatic vital measurement

Up to 10 days of battery life under normal use It usually takes around 2 hours to fully charge.

Battery life depends on the features activated and the type and frequency of ring use.

Inductive charging

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    Floxxo, is pleased about the ongoing contracts with the Emirates! A unique partnership that offers luxury and health at the highest level. Discover the transformative power of Floxxo's wellness products in the fascinating Emirates - an experience that brings body and mind into harmony!

    Floxxo's unique applications and technologies promise customers an unparalleled harmony between body and health. Look forward to an unforgettable journey to inner balance and pure well-being in the Emirates with Floxxo as your reliable companion!

Floxxo Team Olaf Stanger, MBA
Chief Medical Officer

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Peter Forster
Director of Sales

Martin Herbst
Chief Executive Officer Dr.phil. Michaela Weihs
User Experience

Teresa Herbst-Danho
Chief Financial Officer

Gabriel Herbst-Danho
Global Delivery Manager

Mag.iur. Diana Vorovskaya
Sales Manager East


Radiation Exposure, Radioactivity

Clinical Picture

body fat, muscle and water content

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Body Temperature


Gastric and Intestinal diseases


Floxxo app

Cell rest

Particulate matter

Body sweat



Blood components



DATA SECURITY is a top priority at Floxxo

The data is sent encrypted from the smart toilet seat to the mobile phone and from there to the cloud via secure channels. Calculations are carried out exclusively anonymously.

Floxxo app

The measurement results are automatically transferred to the Floxxo app. There you have access to your values, statistics, and personal recommendations at any time.


Based on the measurement results, the biognostic value of the body is determined and, if necessary, bioenergetic measures are recommended.

Detected changes in the values help you and your doctor to identify and treat possible disease conditions.


Regular updates ensure a continuous expansion of the available Floxxo-analyses offered.

Health is wealth!

Health is the highest good. At Floxxo, we have set ourselves the goal of enabling everyone to lead a healthier and longer life. This is exactly what is possible with our smart toilet seat.

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